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Buttercups and Fireflies Implementation and Assessment Training


What's New for Fall 2020? Learn About the Updates to Buttercups and Fireflies Curricula (1.5 hours)

Are you already using Buttercups and Fireflies? Join us for a quick overview of the changes you will find in each curriculum. Plus, we will share how you can find and access exciting new supplements that are FREE on our website. At the end of the hour, there is an open question/answer forum to listen and learn from other child care professionals!

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Buttercups 101: Implementing Curriculum with Infants and Toddlers (1.5 hours)

Learn how to successfully implement our Buttercups Curriculum with children ages 0-3 years old. This session walks you through kit contents and shows you how to get the most from each two-month program. We will share tips on setting up your environment, scheduling your day, and individualizing activities. Plus, we'll show you how to access FREE supplemental resources on our website. The session ends with an open question/answer forum so you can listen and learn from other attendees.

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Fireflies 101: Implementing Curriculum with 3-5 Year Old Children (1.5 hours)

Join us to learn how to successfully implement our Fireflies Curriculum with children ages 3-5 years old. This session walks you through kit contents, and shows you how to get the most from each monthly program. We will share tips on how to set up learning centers, schedule your day, individualize activities, and more. Plus, we'll show you how to access FREE supplemental resources on our website. The session ends with an open question/answer forum so you can listen and learn from other attendees.

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Take the Stress out of Assess! Measuring Child Progress with FunShine Curricula Tools (1.5 hours)

Carefully monitoring children's progress informs lesson planning and enhances parent communication. We'll help you streamline assessment by using the Observation Tips in each Curriculum Guide, introduce you to our Child Progress Reports, and discuss best practices for the process. We will also show you how to utilize additional FREE resources on our website. Finally, we will give you a quick update of changes coming to FunShine Digital that will allow you to easily build an electronic file for each child using your individual state standards for measurement.

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FunShine Digital Training and Tutorials


NEW! Assessment

Step 1: Learn How to Set Up Lesson Plans, Classrooms, and Teachers  (1 hour)

This workshop will walk you through the start of simplified lesson planning and assessment. Once your account is ready to go, you can set up a classroom(s) with children and teachers. We'll also show you how to find and select your state standards, load and modify lesson plans, and identify specific activities for assessment. Finally, you will be shown how to begin the assessment process within each activity.

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NEW! Assessment

Step 2: Learn How to Record Observations and Build Progress Reports (1 hour)

Once classrooms and lesson plans are set up, you can begin to record observations! First, we’ll quickly review setting up your account so lesson plans always default to the state standards you select. Then, we will teach you how to select activities for assessment, record observations directly from those activities, upload pictures and videos, and save everything in a permanent record for each child. Finally, you will learn how to easily download Progress Reports. Join us for this one hour, and save many more hours over the coming months!

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FunShine Digital: Strategies for Success from Basic to Advanced (1.5 hours)

Creating lesson plans in FunShine Digital has never been easier! We will show you how to use our planned daily lessons or search our database of over 13,000 activities and 140 themes to build your own. Learn to edit our activities to individualize for each child, plus load all lessons and activities with your state standards automatically attached. Whether you’ve been using FunShine Digital for a year or this is your first time to see it, we have NEW features everyone will appreciate.

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 Individualize Instruction.jpg

The Teacher's Guide to Individualizing Instruction with FunShine Digital
(1.5 hours)

Individualizing instruction is an important part of the assessment process. Join us as we show you how to get the most out of your FunShine Digital access by utilizing the Search and Edit Activity features in the Calendar. We will share several examples of ways you can add individualization to your calendar and how to document it.

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 Digital Assessment.jpg

Introduction to Digital Assessment and Portfolios in FunShine Digital
(1.5 hours)

Digital assessments and portfolios can now be created in FunShine Digital! Join us as we teach you to set up classrooms, add child and parent information, and document real-time digital assessments. We will demonstrate the different kinds of reports available, as well as the digital progress reports that can be shared with parents. Direct connections between your state standards, curriculum, and assessments will truly simplify your day. You won’t want to miss this exciting development from FunShine!

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Digital Lesson Plans - Brief Tutorials

Need quick assistance? Watch our videos with a tutorial on a specific feature. Includes creating your lesson plans, moving activities, adding State Standards, editing activities, creating your own activities and themes, and more.

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Trending Topics in Early Childhood

 Classroom Safety.jpg

Planning for Fall 2020: Classroom Safety Across the Country Amidst the COVID Crisis (2 hours)

We welcome the following panelists as they share strategies to deal with the COVID Crisis:
Erika Felt
Family Childcare Educator
The Playschool House
Omaha, NE

Andrew R. Roszak, JD, MPA, EMT-Paramedic
Executive Director
Institute for Childhood Preparedness
Washington, D.C.

Debra White
Director of Operations
Valley Child Care and Learning Center
Phoenix, AZ

Heather White
Operational Owner
The PREP School of Dripping Springs
Austin, TX

Child care owners, directors, and families are facing unprecedented challenges at this time. All licensed facilities will be faced with significant changes to meet community guidelines, adjust to lower enrollment, accommodate teacher illness/absence, and to reassure families that children will be safe. A question/answer session will be part of the program. Join us to learn some new ways to adapt from this group of experts!

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How to Make the Most of Reading Experiences with Interactive Story Time
(1.5 hours)

Join us as we explore research that supports language and literacy development through interactive read-aloud experiences. The session will also focus on ideas for promoting early literacy development in ten language/literacy areas. We will share how to develop a basic scope and sequence of skills based on your state standards to ensure interactive reading experiences progress throughout the year to help prepare children for kindergarten.

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How to Sow the Seeds for STEM/STEAM with FunShine Curricula (1.5 hours)

Research shows that children demonstrate readiness to engage in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), plus arts (STEAM) learning at a very young age. Learn what STEM and STEAM are all about in this webinar and why they are so important to build into your early childhood program. Then, we will show you exactly where they are featured in the Buttercups, Fireflies, and FunShine Digital curricula. A sharing session follows where attendees contribute ideas on how they have successfully implemented STEAM content.

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 Exploration Stations.JPG

The ABCs of Exploration Stations: Arranging, Building, and Coordinating (1.5 hours)

Have you ever wondered how to create a variety of child-led stations that cover all learning domains? If so, this session is a must! Join us as we present effective ways to organize, create, and implement exploration stations in your classroom. You will receive tips for arranging your environment, six basic station types that can be easily modified, and ideas for incorporating station time into your daily schedule.

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The Magic of Engaged Parents: How to Create a Win for Everyone! (1.5 hours)

Research has shown that when parents are fully engaged as a partner in caring for a child, everyone benefits! This workshop examines the journey of building engagement, introduces 5 basic elements of successful relationships with families, and how to extend learning into the home. Tools and examples will be shared. Towards the end of the webinar, participants are invited to participate in an open discussion to gather ideas from each other.

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 Character Development.JPG

Beginner's Guide to Using Social Stories and Character Development Effectively
(1.5 hours)

Social stories are a great way to teach young children about expected behaviors, getting along with others, conflict resolution, and seeing the world from others’ perspectives. This session will focus on ways to use social stories to promote positive experiences in your classroom. Learn where to access our library of FunShine Social Stories and receive a simple formula for creating your own social stories to fit the needs of children in your care.

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 Fierce Conversations.jpg

Fierce Conversations: Building More Effective Communication With Your Staff
(1.5 hours)

What is discussed among a group of staff members and how it is discussed determine what happens or doesn’t happen at work. In this workshop, we will discuss how to make connections between conversations and success in our personal and professional lives. The Four Objectives of a Fierce Conversation, as defined by Susan Scott, are 1) Interrogate Reality, 2) Provoke Learning, 3) Tackle Tough Challenges, and 4) Enrich Relationships. We will learn about these and how to use the Seven Steps of Fierce Conversations that can easily be used to optimize the effectiveness of communication with your Early Childhood Staff Team. Attendees receive a framework of questions to assist them as they implement this process in their setting … with passion, integrity, and collaboration at the heart of every conversation!

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