Assessment with FunShine Express®

Simplify your day even more with authentic assessment that is based on observation and integrated in our curriculum. We provide guidance to help you know what to assess. Suggestions are embedded into activities to help you know what skills to look for as you make observations. Child Progress Reports help you track it all and prep for parent meetings!


Our teacher-friendly, three-step approach:

1 Plan activities to observe
Activities are marked for assessment and include tips to help you know what skills to look for. Find the Activity List of suggested assessment opportunities for each curriculum below:

Buttercups Babies, ages 3-12 months
Buttercups, ages 0-3
Fireflies, ages 3-5


Activity List.png


2 Gather evidence, adjust curriculum, and build portfolios
Use the Group Assessment Worksheet to record observations for a group of children. You can print this resource free below. Use the observations to individualize lesson plans.

Group Assessment Worksheet

Group Assessment.png


3 Meet with parents
Keeping parents informed about their child’s progress helps them become partners in their child’s education! Transfer observation notes to individual Child Progress Reports to share with parents. You can print these free below, or order online for $6 each.

Infant (0-12 months)
Young Toddler (9-18 months)
Older Toddler (16-36 months)
3 Year Olds
4 and 5 Year Olds

Activity List.png

Learn more about our assessment process, performance levels, the assessment cycle, suggestions for parent meetings, and tips for making observations in our Assessment Overview below.