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Conference Materials

We're eager to provide information about what FunShine Express has to offer. Whether you are hosting a virtual event or an in-person conference/meeting/training, we have free resources to share with attendees!Conference Materials.png


Digital Resources

Share the following links with your attendees to provide an overview of our curricula.

Preschool One Day Sample: books.funshineexpress.com/books/gqxo

Infant/Toddler Sample Lesson: books.funshineexpress.com/books/hlxt

Brochure: books.funshineexpress.com/books/ipse

Intro Video: youtu.be/4StE-eCyK3A

FunShine Webinars: funshineexpress.com/training


Shipped Resources

Fill out the form below if you would like to request materials to be shipped to you for bag inserts or to be distributed.



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