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FunShine Express® encourages appropriate persons, firms, and organizations to provide a link from their website to be placed on as an early childhood resource. Fill out the form below to provide information about your link. You will be notified by email if we accept your link and add it to our list of resources.


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FunShine Express® encourages organizations and child care providers to include a logo and link to on their website for the purpose of sharing general information about our curricula. Before adding our link to your website, you must obtain express written approval from FunShine Express®. To seek approval, please complete and submit the form below. You will be notified by email if you are granted approval to link.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, by linking to the FunShine Express® website, you agree that:

  • You have no rights in or to FunShine Express® trademarks or service marks by virtue of such link.
  • Such link does not confer to you any rights to distribute, publish, or otherwise use copyrighted material of FunShine Express®.
  • You have no rights in or to the trademarks or service marks of any third party displayed on the FunShine Express® website.
  • You will not use such link for any illegal, immoral, or improper purpose, nor will you have any material detrimental to FunShine Express® on your website. You further agree that, upon email or other notice to you from FunShine Express®, you will immediately remove all links from your site to FunShine Express®.