Fireflies Sample Kit

We are excited to provide you with a sample from our monthly preschool Fireflies Curriculum! Your sample kit will include items from our May 2018 curriculum. Each Sample Kit is packaged for 4 children.

  • Curriculum Guide
  • Calendar Grid with Heading and Pieces
  • Y and Z Alphabet Display and Word Cards
  • Garden Lacing Cards
  • Word Wall
  • 4 Spanish Cards
  • 19 and 20 Counting Cards
  • 5 Learning Center Materials
  • Math Game
  • Character Card
  • Fine Arts Display
  • 6 creative art projects (with materials for 4 children)
  • Journals and Practice Pages
  • Family Newsletters
  • Weather Display
  • Color/Shape/Number Display with Pieces
  • American Flag Display
  • Developmental Continuum
  • Sample children's book, parent notes, and coloring pages

Best of all, sample kits include a $20 coupon for your first kit and ship FREE! $25.00

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