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Curriculum and Assessment for Ages 0-5

 FunShine Digital Advantage

Access preplanned calendars or quickly search over 16,000 activities to build your own. Save one hour or more per day in lesson prep and planning time, per teacher! Watch the video to see how it works in the classroom:


Flexible, easy-to-use lesson plans that you can access anywhere, 24 hours a day, from any device.

  • Free training and tutorials show you how
  • See your state indicators listed on every activity
  • Assessment and documentation tools included
  • Free administrator account for multiple classrooms
  • Digital music and other resource links included
  • Discount on printed teacher resources when you subscribe
  • Research-based, evidence-based




Customize your lesson plans to fit the needs of your classroom.

  • Click and drag to rearrange activities
  • Search by age, topic, skill, and more to add activities
  • Label activities with your state standards
  • Create multiage lesson plans
  • Write your own activities and themes
  • Edit existing activities to include notes
  • Extensions, adaptations, and scaffolding built-in


Christian Lesson Plans

One Bible story per month with 35+ activities. Non-denominational.

  • Downloadable resources including Bible verse, practice page, Rebus activity, and more.
  • Merge activities with your daily lesson plans, use them on their own, or blend with another curriculum
  • Click and drag to rearrange activities, and edit activities to customize your Christian experience!



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