2015-2016 Fireflies® Activity Schedule

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2015 - 2016 Themes Letters Numbers Colors Shapes
September 2015 I Am Special
Homes to Live In
A, B, C 1, 2, 3 Red Circle
October 2015 Mischievous Mice
On the Farm
D, E, F 4, 5, 6 Orange Black Triangle
November 2015 Medieval Make-Believe
Cooling Off
G, H, I 7, 8 Brown Rectangle
December 2015 Five Super Senses
Filling the Sleigh
J, K, L 9, 10 Green Star
January 2016 Animals in the Snow
Creative Creations
M, N, O 11, 12 White Octagon
February 2016 Treats for My Sweet
Teddy Bear Games
P, Q, R 13, 14 Pink Heart
March 2016 You Are What You Eat
Bunches of Bunnies
S, T, U 15, 16 Blue Oval
April 2016 Busy Birds and Buzzing Bees
April Showers
V, W, X 17, 18 Yellow Rhombus
May 2016 Fabulous Flowers
A to Z Animals
Y, Z 19, 20 Purple Square
June 2016 Around the Campfire
Summer Safety
Review Review Review Review
July 2016 Fun in the Sun
Fantastic Frogs
Review Review Review Review
August 2016 Pesky Picnic Pests
Island Getaway
Review Review Review Review

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