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Curriculum and Assessment for Ages 0-5

Training Credits

Use of curriculum may be creditable for training units, clock hours, or continuing education units in your state. Guidelines and terminology vary by state. FunShine Express® does not guarantee that approval will be granted in your state. You must request approval from your licensor.

If your state allows use of our curricula as credit hours, your licensor will be responsible to determine the number of hours allowed. 2-3 hours is the number of hours that we typically hear are accepted.

You can print a Certificate of Participation to document use of our materials.

Learning Objectives for Providers

By studying and preparing this curriculum, providers will learn to:

  • Make available for children a series of age-appropriate learning opportunities that will increase children’s knowledge about the world around them and support each area of development.
  • Adapt lesson plans to meet the specific needs of the individual children in their group.
  • Plan strategies to include the children’s families in learning experiences (through sharing literature, classroom participation, field trips, communication strategies, etc.).