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Customer Reviews

See what our customers are saying about FunShine Express!

“I have used this curriculum for many years, and I love it, because it continues to evolve. This company listens to its customer feedback, and updates its materials to meet the standards of every state. I never have to be concerned that my preschoolers will be bored or that I will have to supplement the material with 'fillers'. Call me 'spoiled', but I will finish my 24 year teaching career with the best on the market - FunShine Express!”

Kaye W., GA

“I have been teaching for over 15 years. For the past two years I have been using FunShine curriculum and feel confident it is reaching all levels of learners in my preschool program. I can differentiate within the daily lessons and adapt it to my student's needs. I also enjoy the fun themes and easy to follow layout.”

Katrina J., CO

“FunShine Express has given me back a little more personal time with my family by doing the lesson plan work for me! I used to spend hours every week planning everything out and now it's just a few minutes each day to review and prepare! - Love it!”

Deborah F., IN

“I love FunShine, it is the only company that would work with me in Canada and provide us with a wicked rate and amazing material for the preschool program. It saves sooo much time in my labor by not having to plan and work out what we will be doing.  Love everything about this program and will continue to order for years to come!!!”

Rayne K., BC Canada

“FunShine Express has made it so easy to provide my children with age appropriate activities. My kids love the themes and enjoy the crafts, songs, and other daily activities. They are learning their numbers and letters in a fun hands-on way. It has also helped me to feel less stressed with having to research and plan lessons. Everything is laid out in an organized way, the lessons are easy to follow, and a majority of the materials are provided."

Kathyrn S., MD

“I've been in the child care business for over 17 years. FunShine was the first curriculum I tried, and I love the stress free lesson preparation, and the fact that all of the materials I need are included. Just starting out in the business it was a life saver! I will continue with this program for years to come. It really is one of the best well-rounded and teacher friendly curriculums out there.”

Deeana H., WA

"I have been a Preschool Teacher for 30 some years now. I have tried all of the curriculums you can purchase. I decided to give FunShine Express a try and have never looked back! I love the art projects as they are imaginative and colorful! The curriculum and activities are a teachers dream. Thank you for making me get EXCITED when my box arrives each month. My students LOVE FunShine Express!”

Cindy B., IA

“What can I say....love everything about FunShine Express! Saves me time and money! Keeps me focused on curriculum. Kids love all the crafts, books, and games that are provided in the kit. Parents like the monthly newsletter with all of the good ideas to do with their children."

Sandra R., MA

“I love how I can adapt it according to the ages and groups of children I have. I can also adapt to our day if we want to do all of the activities, expand activities, or just do some of them. I love the flexibility and adjustments I can customize to my daycare. I also love how simple it is to prep each day and each month. A very quick, easy, and convenient product. I have tried others, but nothing beats this curriculum!”

Stacy K., MN

"I've been a Childcare Provider for 17 years. It was very important to find a curriculum that specializes in preschool activities for my toddlers and preschoolers. I love how they organize and set up their month to month curriculum. I recommend to childcare home providers or facilities to use their educational supplies and curriculum. Thank you for making my job easier."

Irma G., CA

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