Fireflies® Preschool Activity Schedule

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2018-2019 Themes Letters Numbers Colors Shapes
September Hello and Goodbye
Apples Everywhere
A, B, C 1, 2, 3 Red Circle
October Be Safe
Wiggly Wonders
D, E, F 4, 5, 6 Orange
November Sleep Tight
Getting Together
G, H, I 7, 8 Brown Rectangle
December Hats Off to You
Gingerbread and Jingle Bells
J, K, L 9, 10 Green Star
January Riding Around
Sparkles and Shivers
M, N, O 11, 12 White Octagon
February In the Mail
I Am Healthy
P, Q, R 13, 14 Pink Heart
March Silly Fun
Changing Weather
S, T, U 15, 16 Blue Rhombus
April Up and Away
Spring Has Sprung
V, W, X 17, 18 Yellow Oval
May Baby Animals
When I'm Big
Y, Z 19, 20 Purple Square
June In the Meadow
Giddy Up and Go
Review Review Review Review
July To Market, To Market
Sports Talk
Review Review Review Review
August Playground Palooza
Cookout Lookout
Review Review Review Review

*Schedule is subject to slight change.